Minimalist de Canaletes 40mm

$1,188.00 HKD



經典, 耀目
鑽石在漆黑的天際中, 配以金光的天邊, 更顯耀目

La Rambla de Canaletes - 巴塞隆那的中心, 引領你進入 La Rambla的大門


錶直徑_____: 40mm 
厚度 ______: 6mm
錶面顏色 ___: 黑色有石
機芯 ______: 日本石英機芯
錶帶闊度 ___: 20mm
錶帶物料 ___: MESH (304)
錶帶顏色 ___: 金色
錶殼顏色 ___: 金色
防水程度 ___: 日常生活防水

Barcelona's Famous Ramblas
The Street You Wish Would Never End!
You will never forget its glamorous!
Font de Canaletes
Water coming from the Montcada mine, acquired a reputation for purity.
It is said that whoever drinks water from the Font de Canaletes will always keep coming back to Barcelona.
Carrer dels Tallers
Opened in 1933, The reowned Boadas Cocktail was the one of the first bars in Barcelona to specialise in cocktails and its Caribbean drinks made it a haunt of the rich and famous in the post-war period.