The Galaxy

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The new collection "Galaxia The Galaxy", infuses exquisite craftsmanship with fine expertise, exemplifies Bernardo Thad's principle of traditional watchmaking and the aesthetic beauty of innovative processes. The material is magnificent and unique, wiith natural blue gold sandstone as the dial and paired a hard curved glass on top of the dial, it promotes the whole dial becomes a virtual three-dimensional cosmic galaxia. Pointer ends were accompanied by golden crescent and a star pattern, which adds embellishment to the mysterious and tranquil starry sky and injects momentum. Equipped with Italian advanced leather slim strap, it keeps a consistent concise and elegant line style in Bernardo Thad .


Size: 38mm
Thickness : 7mm
Dial color : Blue sands 
Dial material : natural synthesis stone
Glass: IG3 enhanced hard glass
Movement : Japanese quartz movt.
Strap : 19mm Itilian leather
Case : Stainless steel (316L) I.P. with black
Water Resistant : Shower Proof